Ensuring high-quality care for pregnant and breastfeeding women

   Pregant women with suspected, probale, or confirmed COVID-19 should have

 Mothers with suspected, or confirmed COVID-19 who are breast feeding or performing skin-to-skin care should practice:

የኮሮና ቫይረስን ለመከላከል ሊወሠዱ የሚገቡ ጥንቃቄዎች

የጤና ሚኒስቴር እና የኢትዮጵያ የሕብረተሰብ ጤና ኢንስቲትዩት መንግስት የበሽታውን ስርጭት ለመግታት እና ለመቆጣጠር ተገቢውን እርምጃ እየወሰደ ሲሆን፣ ማህበረሰቡ የሚከተሉት

ን የመከላከያ መንገዶችን ችላ ሳይል እና ሳይደናገጥ ተግባር ላይ በማዋል፣የበሽታውን ስርጭት ለመግታት የበኩሉን እንዲወጣ ያሳስባል።


Infection prevention and control for health care workers caring for patients with suspected or confirmed 2019-nCoV

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by the COVID-19 virus, was first detected in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. On 30 January 2020, the WHO Director-General declared that the current outbreak constituted a public health emergency of international concern. Based on the available evidence, the COVID-19 virus is transmitted between people through close contact and droplets, not by airborne transmission. The people most at risk of infection are those who are in close contact with COVID-19 patients or who care for COVID-19 patients.