Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) is a professional Association established in 1992. The Association envisioned seeing every mother, newborn, family and communities have standard midwifery care in Ethiopia through promoting midwifery profession, strengthening midwifery education and maintaining rules and regulation to protect midwife professionals and Ethiopian public. The Association has been implementing different projects in line to its four strategic areas: capacity building, partnership and networking, advocacy and representation, research and publication (to influence policies and evidence based decisions) in Ethiopia. Thus, Ethiopian Midwives Association wants to hire competent professional in the following vacant positions:-

Innovative Maternal Health Interventions reduce Maternal Mortality in Ethiopia


Ethiopian maternal health researcher Hagos Godefay at Umeå University in Sweden has created a locally feasible method to estimate maternal mortality rates with a bottom-up measurement approach. Providing insights into the effectiveness of local interventions to reduce maternal mortality, the approach will be important for health sector planning and decision-making on local-, regional- and state levels.

Safe Motherhood Month

                “ርህራሄ እና አክብሮት የተሞላበት የጤና አገልግሎት ለጤናማ እናትነት”                                                   የጤናማ እናትነት ወር ጥር /2009 ዓ.ም