Care of the preterm and low-birth-weight newborn World Prematurity Day - "Let them thrive"


Premature birth is a very serious health problem. Worldwide, 15 million babies are born preterm and more than a million die as a result. Babies who survive often have lifelong health problems such as cerebral palsy, vision and hearing loss, and intellectual disabilities. WHO produces guidelines, tools and evidence-based recommendations to help prevent and care for preterm babies.More on World Prematurity Day and WHO's work on preterm birth

Announcing EMwA's New President

Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) is the only professional association representing midwives in Ethiopia. The association works to improve maternal and child health outcomes by advocating for the advancement of midwifery services. EMwA promotes midwifery as a career choice, works with government to improve the status of the profession, and provides ongoing training and resources. EMwA is committed to expanding the quality of Ethiopia’s midwifery services by updating the knowledge and skills of its members.