Ministry Works With Midwives to Reduce Maternal Death


Speaking at the 24th General Assembly of Ethiopian Midwives Association with the theme: "Midwives: For A Transformed Ethiopia", State Minister Dr. Amir Aman said that the Ministry has been working together with midwives and has achieved the Millennium Development Goals ahead of time. "We are also able meet the MDG goal by encouraging pregnant women to give birth at health institutions and provide the necessary medical treatment so as to reduce maternal mortality," he added.


No evidence of safe limit for pregnant women drinking alcohol


(13/10/2015) Writing in the BMJ(British Medical journal), doctors have said pregnant women should not drink at all during pregnancy, because there is no evidence to suggest there is a safe limit. Experts in pediatrics and pregnancy stated in the journal that women who were planning on having a family are given “conflicting advice” when it comes to alcohol consumption during pregnancy.