Animut Tagele Tamiru (Education Award recipient)

Description of Animut's project: 

  • The project aims to launch Volunteers for Midwifery Competency Team (VMCT) as innovative educational tool for the purpose of advancing the level of midwifery educational program to the international standard. The progrma will have a tailored approach to both the students and to the Midwifery educational system to advance the competency of Midwives. This innovative, original and easily reproducible project will involve direct contact with students, using showcase as well as social media for networking to make students and the Midwifery education uptodate.



Kifle Yohannes (Education Award recipient)

Description of Kifle's project: 

  • Midwives working in clinical setting are frontline and busy of many patient flows and responsibilities. Thus they have little time and exposure to conduct researches. This study will assess their research capacity and explores factors, which will help to set applicable approaches to improve their capacity and capability to conduct problem solving midwifery-led researches. Moreover the study will explore strategies to improve Midwifery Curriculum at University of Gondar and enhance the capacity of undergraduate students.