Partnership Meeting conducted for Collaborative Effort to Perinatal Intervention


The Association organized a half day Partnership Meeting for Collaborative Effort to Perinatal Intervention at  Harmony  Hotel  on  May  14/2016  through the support of Save the Children International Ethiopia.

The   Association’s  president  s/r   Yezabnesh  Kibe   provided   opening  speech   and   invited representative from FMOH, RMNCHA-N case team, child health case team highlighted that Neonatal Mortality is one the lagging behind programs for the ministry.  In response to this the FMOH is focusing on  different  intervention  areas  that  aimed  in  reduction  of  neonatal  morbidity  and  mortality  in collaboration with different partners both at facility and Community level. At facility level intervention the ministry is expanding establishment of NICUs both at primary and general hospital level since we believe that it contributes for the reduction of Neonatal Mortality and Morbidity. At community level we are also strengthening Integrated Community Case Management with in which embedded is Community based newborn care.

The ministry strongly believes that working in collaboration with different national and international organizations is crucial for the success of initiatives. We also value the impute of national and local societies like EMwA, EPS and ESOG since one of the mechanism of assuring sustainability of programs is strengthening and capacitating of national and local societies.

So this workshop is a good opportunity to address issues of sustainability of programs by strengthening collaborative effort of local partners in MNCH areas which may also have a significant contribution in insuring the sustainability of the neonatal interventions for the country.

Following the opening remark, FMOH and Save the Children international Ethiopia representatives provided overview of the collaborative effort as follows. It is said that as it is well known all these professional associations have networks /collaboration in working together previously. But now it is not that much strengthened as expected since it was project based.

Save the children’s main intervention area is on new born health. During the time of intervention in newborn focused areas, it was found that there are disconnections among professionals at the service delivery level even if they are expected to deliver services in a collaborative way.

Finally the participants Developed term of reference to begin the initiative on the newborn care and agreed that the next step should be lead by the EMwA and the representing team from three associations should come on the final TOR and the detail action point will be made with this group.