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BEmONC trained professionals reached 3,707


In response to the needs of FMOH to develop human capacity for delivering quality Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (BEmONC) services, EMwA in collaboration with FMOH, UNICEF, RHBs and Health Institutions, proposed to address the specific needs by improving (BEmONC) at an In-service level to Midwives and other professionals. The in-service area currently has constrained capacity in providing quality maternal and newborn care service and lifesaving skills to their clients/patients. Therefore Ethiopian Midwives Association has been engaged in building up the capacity of the Midwives in knowledge, skill and attitude. BEmONC training that has been given by EMwA in collaboration with FMOH, UNICEF, RHBs and Health Institutions has trained 3,707 professionals’ nationally since 2011. Click here to read more about the BEmONC trained professionals in pdf format.

Post-BEmONC On-site Supportive Supervision conducted in SNNPR


Post-Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (Post-BEmONC) On-site Supportive Supervision was conducted in 12 Zones & 19 woredas of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region (SNNPR) from October 16-28, 2015. In order to assess the quality and status of BEmONC services given at different facilities where BEmONC trained providers are expected to provide, post-BEmONC training on-site supportive supervision has been conducted in the 19 selected health centers found in 12 zones and special woredas of the Region. The on-site supportive supervision was conducted by Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) in collaboration with Regional Health Bureau, Zonal Health Department, Woreda Health office & EMwA chapter office. Click here to read more about the Supervision in pdf format.

Continuing Professional Development Guide for Midwives


The Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) is finalizing its preparation to provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Currently, several courses are being developed by EMwA and will be available soon. EMwA is also developing an online CPD management system, online courses, and In-service courses which will meet CPD requirements. As courses become available EMwA will notify Midwives.

Click here to view the  EMwA’s CPD Brochure in pdf format, Click here to view FMHACA’s CPD Accreditation Guide in  pdf format and also Click here to view FMOH’s National In-Service Training Directive for the Health Sector in pdf format.

World Prematurity Day


World Prematurity Day is observed on November 17, 2015. World Prematurity Day is an observance held on the 17th of November. Approximately 15 million babies are born prematurely each year accounting for more than one in 10 of all babies born worldwide.According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Kangaroo mother care (KMC) is a method of care to meet a baby’s needs for "warmth, breastfeeding, protection from infection, stimulation, safety and love." It's a highly-effective intervention for pre-term and low birth weight babies.

Click here to view the KMC implementation guide in pdf format and also Click here to view the WHO KMC Practical Guide in pdf format.