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Saving Newborn Lives Champions Toolkit


Save the Children’s Saving Newborn Lives (SNL) program has a long history of collaborating with newborn health champions to advocate for robust policies and programs to reduce global neonatal mortality. SNL and pediatricians, midwives, members of parliament, ministers of health, journalists, celebrities, and many other champions over the years to increase the availability of and access to routine and emergency newborn care services and supplies, improve the quality of newborn care services, and increase knowledge about and demand for newborn care. Based on this experience, This Champions Toolkit is produced and hope it can help identify appropriate champions for maximum impact and give newborns the greatest chance to begin their lives healthy and strong. click here to find the toolkit in pdf format.

Cervical Cancer Prevention: The Single-Visit Approach Quality Management Toolkit


The Cervical Cancer Prevention toolkit prepared by FMOH, Pathfinder & partners contains 17 tools designed to help health care providers and program planners set up, ensure the quality of, and monitor single-visit approach (also known as “see-and-treat”) services for the prevention of cervical cancer. The tools address issues including: advocating for cervical cancer prevention services, training providers at all levels, assessing facility and provider capacities and competencies, monitoring, and data collection. Many of the materials were initially designed for use in Ethiopia, but have been adapted for global use.

Click here to read more about Cervical Cancer Prevention: The Single-Visit Approach Quality Management Toolkit in pdf format.  Click here also to read more about Single-Visit Approach to Cervical Cancer Prevention: Counseling Cue Cards in pdf format. Click here also to read more about Single-Visit Approach to Cervical Cancer Prevention: Clinical Standards of Practice and Counseling Guide in pdf format and also click here to read more  about LEEP Clinical Standards of Practice in pdf format.

Joint Efforts in Rippling WASH Services


Access to water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services has been one of Ethiopia's major issues and Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) set to be achieved. The nation had managed to address safe water supply for over 36 millions of citizens during GTP I. It has made huge strides in WASH sector. Although significant achievements have been registered in the sector, there are still some unfinished duties, specially in outreaching rural women and youth with WASH services.

Click here to read more about Ethiopia’s National Hygiene and Sanitation Strategic Action Plan in pdf format , Click here  also to read more about UAP Executive Summary in pdf format and also click here to read more  about Verification Certification Protocol in pdf format .