Includes EMwA annual reports, newsletters and other publications.

Poster presentations at the Assembly


The Ethiopian Midwives Association organized five poster presentations at the Association 24th General Assembly held in Addis Ababa on the 24th of October 2015.The presentations were Utilization of Partograph During Labor and Birth Outcomes at Jimma University Specialized Hospital by Sena Belina, Satisfaction with Focused Antenatal Care Service and Associated Factors Among Pregnant Women Attending Focused Antenatal Care at Health Centers in Jimma Town by Fantaye Chemir ,Voluntary HIV Counseling &Testing Service Utilization Among Pregnant Women in Northwest Ethiopia by Habtamu Bizuayehu , Retrospective Analysis of Prevalence of Caesarean Section in Jimma University Specialized Hospital by Ayanos Taye and Assessment of Performance of Midwives in Provision of Care during Labor, Childbirth and Immediate Postpartum Period in Tigray Region by Miruts Goshu Abate.Click here to view this document in pdf format.

Articles presented at the Assembly


Three research articles related to Maternal and Child health programs were presented at the Ethiopian Midwives Association 24th General Assembly held in Addis Ababa on the 24th of October 2015. The first article by Jhpiego Ethiopia focused on the competency of Midwives in Amhara regional state health facilities, both at hospitals and health centers. The second article was conducted by Debre Markos University on knowledge of obstetric complication among laboring mothers. The third article which is also from Debre Markos University was on low birth weight among institutional delivery. The Association also organized five poster presentations which are mainly associated with Maternal and Child health.Click here to view the Presented papers in pdf format