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Hand Hygiene Methods

Handwashing with Soap and Water
The purpose of routine handwashing in health care is to remove dirt and organic material, as well microbial contaminants, from the hands. Clean water must be used to prevent microorganisms in the water from contaminating the hands. However, water alone is not effective at removing substances containing fats and oils, which are often present on soiled hands. Proper handwashing also requires soap, which is rubbed on all hand surfaces, followed by thorough rinsing and drying.

ኢሚማ ሳምንታዊ የ30 ደቂቃ የሬዲዮ ፕሮግራም


ሃገር አቀፍ የሬዲዮ ፕሮግራም

  • የሚተላለፍበትን የአየር ሰዓት  ቅዳሜ ምሽት ከ1፡50-2፡20
  • ኤፍኤሞ 90.0   ቅዳሜ ምሽት ከ1፡50-2፡20

የስድስት የክልል ኤፍኤሞች መርሀግብር

1.  መቀሌ ኤፍኤሞ (አርብ 7፡30-8፡30)

2.  ሻሸመኔ ኤፍኤሞ (ረቡዕ 9፡30-10፡00)

3.  ጎንደር  ኤፍኤሞ (ማክሰኞ 8፡00-8፡30)

4.  አሰላ  ኤፍኤሞ (ማክሰኞ 7፡00-7፡30)

5.  ሀሮማያ ኤፍኤሞ (ማክሰኞ 10፡30-11፡00)

EMwA radio program will start on February 10,2018

Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) radio program will start February 10,2018 evening from 1:50-2:20 local time on Radio Fana National airwave. By next week six regional RADIO FANA Fm Stations will be linked. therefore this is to kindly request to chapter offices, EMwA units and members to listen to the radio program and send to us your comments, opinion and feedback.

kindly visit our website and get a lot of information about EMwA radio program