EMwA radio program will start on February 10,2018

Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) radio program will start February 10,2018 evening from 1:50-2:20 local time on Radio Fana National airwave. By next week six regional RADIO FANA Fm Stations will be linked. therefore this is to kindly request to chapter offices, EMwA units and members to listen to the radio program and send to us your comments, opinion and feedback.

kindly visit our website and get a lot of information about EMwA radio program

Call for Abstract!


On behalf of the Association,we are  writing to share for all researcher midwives to participate on this research call. As you may remember that we have discussed with teaching institutions to strengthen the EMwA research unit. May 5, 2018 marks our International day of midwives conference globally and we are excited to continue discussing with you, the global midwifery community, the issues that concern midwifery and childbirth in the twenty first century.