Ethiopia achieves its health goals in GTP, MDG: Ministry of Health


Ministry of Health  says Ethiopia has achieved the health goals both in the Growth and Transformation Plan as well as in the Millennium Development Goals (GDP).In his exclusive interview with WIC, Minister Dr. Kesete Birhan said that the country succeeded in reducing maternal and child mortality, HIV transmission, malaria and TB.

According to the Minister, the achievement is due to the tremendous efforts exerted by the government, health practitioners and the people.Maternal and child mortality rate has decreased by 90 per cent and the country has achieved the Millennium Development Goals three years ahead of the schedule.

Although the target set was to reduce newly HIV cases by 50 percent, the country managed to reduce it by 90 per cent, Dr. Kesete added.Ratio of doctors to patients reached 1:10,000, which was 1:40,000 at the beginning of the GTP period, he said, adding that the country has now 9,000 doctors including these years’ graduates.

He also said that currently there are over 45,000 midwives and over 38,000 health extension workers in 400 hospitals, 3,500 health centers and 16,000 health posts.Lack of skilled manpower to repair medical equipments, inefficient records on medical tourism and limited treatment on high medical diagnosis works are evaluated low efficiency and will be major focus areas in the second GTP.

Public centered and prevention Health policy to record a better achievement in maternal and child mortality, reduction of HIV transmission, malaria and TB reduction will also be major targets   in the coming five years, WIC learnt.