Delegates Laud Ethiopia's Health Achievements

Various countries' delegates, who came to attend the 3rd Financing for Development Conference, praised Ethiopia's health achievements on maternal and infant mortality, family planning, community health and others after a field visit the Oromia Health Bureau organized for them.

The delegates from Nigeria, Togo, Lesotho and others lauded the achievement paying homage to Bishoftu General Hospital and Modjo Health Station and Posts to see for themselves health service activities in the peripheries of Addis.

Dr. Anthony Udoh, Human Resources Technical Head with the Nigerian Health Ministry, said that he was impressed with the facilities provided to the people and the active engagement of the community in the health system. He also said that to sustain this achievement the government need to work critically in collaboration with the community and need map a community health insurance.

Francis Mokoto Hloaele, who came from Lesotho Ministry of Development and Planning, said "Ethiopia's achievements on health are so stunning. Ethiopia has managed to develop and post adequate professionals even in the health posts. Thus my country and other African countries can draw lessons from this experience."

He recommended that "For the furtherance of the the successful journey the country embarked on, the government should give emphasis to furnishing the posts with ultra-modern medical equipment.

Prof. Henry Perry, a Senior Scientists at the School of Public Health of Johns Hopkins University, also told journalists that he has been aware of Ethiopia's health system for a number of years, read about it and interviewed people who work with the health system. He noted: "Based on observation and research, I can say with a great confidence that Ethiopia's government has made a tremendous progress in the health system in the way that has been developed to reach down every household."

Prof. Henry Perry also said that the achievements the country registered in the reduction of child and maternal mortality, in the control of malaria, TB as well as HIV and AIDS and the advancement of family planning are putting Ethiopia at the forefront in Africa. The Prof. also said that the wide engagement of children, mothers and the community in the health system proves a model for the rest of the world.

State Health Bureau Deputy Head Dr. Zelalem Habtamu on his part ascribed the achievements in the state to the close cooperation of the government with the partners and the community at large.

Apart from the aforementioned achievements, he said, State Health Bureau has been working jointly with the Ministry of Health to tackle the scarcity of drugs and the turnover of professionals including specialized doctors. The government works towards the expansion of health educational institutions by allocating adequate budget.

Source-Ethiopian Herald Newspaper