The association has reviewed critically the JEG and found to be re-evaluated and corrected before the approval and implementation

Dear all EMwA member midwives and all others, the association would like to inform you that FMOH has posted Job Evaluation and Grading (JEG) on its website for comments. The association has reviewed critically the JEG posted on the website and found to be re-evaluated and corrected before the approval and implementation. The association has submitted an official letter to FMOH-HR Directorate to review it again and correct the JEG of midwives professionals and waiting the meeting arrangement with FMOH for discussion. The letter submitted to FMOH is as follows:

“To: - Federal Ministry of Health, HR Directorate

Addis Ababa

Subject: Requesting to re-evaluat and correct the JEG and point ratting for midwifery professions

Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) is the only professional association representing midwives in Ethiopia which is established in 1992 and became an afflicted member of International Confederation of Midwives since 1993. The primary goal of the Association is to contribute towards the reduction of maternal, neonatal, and child morbidity and mortality, and improve quality of reproductive health services at the grassroots level in Ethiopia by representing, advocating and promoting midwifery profession. EMwA is highly committed to expand quality health services for Maternal, Newborn, Child Health, Adolescent and Youth through improving the quality of education and professional ethics.

Even though Midwives are working in risky situation and on stress environments, they are saving two lives at a time, which shows Midwives are the key actors when it comes to maternal and child health. One of the countries recognized globbaly for the prior achivemnts of MDG #4 and #5 is Ethiopia. Midwives in Ethiopia had played a pivotal role towards the achivemnts of MDG #4 & # 5 and now playing the same and a key role for the achivemnt of SDGs in relation to the reduction of maternal, neonatal and child morbidity and mortality in the entire country. This contributional facts is very well known by the federal ministry of health. However, inspite of all these key role in the remostes and risky work environment, the attention given to the profession is very low in terms of job gradding, evaluation, salary, risk allowance, etc…

EMwA were invited to participate on JEG workshop organized by the FMOH HR Directorate in Adama at Excutive Hotel with the objective of preparing JEG for Midwifery professionals. Based on this invitation, EMwA has assigned two senior midwives and supported the preparation of JEG for clinical midwifery specialist, Midwifery professionals and Midwifery level IV based on their scope of pratice, graduation profile and referencing Ethiopian Occuapational standard documents. Then after, the draf JEG document was sent to FMOH HR Directorate on date 01/03/2017 with Reference number EMwA/03/17. However, the document received on the second workshop organized by the FMOH HR directorate at Ethiopian Management Institute, Bishoftu was not similar with the one EMwA has sent the JEG on the first workshop.

EMwA has seen what was posted on FMOH website and would like to kindly request FMOH HR Directorate to re-evaluat and correct the JEG and point ratting for midwifery professions in order to make an appropriate adjustment on following key points:

1. All the scope of practice given on the workshop by FMOH HR Directorate described on the clinical midwifery specialist ( midwifery professional specialist) JEG are qualitative and which have not been known by EMwA
2. The current JEG prepared by FMOH, HR Directorate for clinical midwifery specialist was not found in scope of practice for health professionals in Ethiopia, and Graduation profile (Curriculum).
3. The midwife level-IV, Midwifery Professional and Clinical midwifery specialist’s point rating will not measure adequately their actual job descriptions.
In general, the workload they having at the moment and the point rating are not matching and EMwA believes, this will demotivate and discourage the midwifey Professionals. Thefore, EMwA kindly requesting your usual cooperation to see it again the point rating of all level of Midwives thoroughly in order to make appropriate adjustment.


Yalewlayker Yilma
Ethiopian Midwives President”

The Association would like to request all member midwives and all others midwives to review the JEG and give us your valid and informative comments via EMwA will summarize all your informative comments and bring to the ministry for discussion. Please send us your comments as soon as possible before or on 2nd August 2018.