Eating disorders during pregnancy research becomes practical resource

Research by King’s College London on eating disorders during pregnancy and parenthood has now been turned into practical training resources for midwives and other healthcare professionals.

The resources include an animated video, co-designed by the research team at King’s College London, showing women with lived experience, healthcare professionals and other key organisations including the NCT.

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow in Improvement Science at King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, Dr Abigail Easter, said: “Women with eating disorders are often reluctant to disclose their illness to healthcare professionals, possibly due to a fear of stigma, and healthcare professionals may be unsure about how to identify women with eating disorders or what support they need.

“We hope that these resources will lead to greater recognition and support for women with eating disorders during pregnancy and in the postnatal period.”

Other research has found that 7.5% of women may suffer from an eating disorder during pregnancy.

The animation aims to raise awareness that eating disorders are serious mental health illnesses that impacts pregnancy and the postnatal period.

It also highlights the importance of a trusting relationship between women with eating disorders and healthcare professionals.

The animated video be found by clicking here: