Association Research Advisory Committee established

The research advisory committee is established under the commitment and leadership of the Ethiopian Midwives Association containing member representatives from different midwifery training higher institutions and regional chapter offices. The aim of this research advisory committee is to propose to Ethiopia midwives Association (EMwA) and as well as its partners a menu of possible approaches to produce research in the midwifery disciple that promote the development of the disciple, put impact and practicable intervention that help policy maker and health work force on the reduction of maternal and newborn mortality through evidence based research and to raise sufficient, predictable and sustainable resources for promoting and strengthening the midwifery profession under education, association and regulation, and active engagement in policy dialogue and research over the next few years throughout the country.

The Research Advisory Committee is established under the leadership of president of Ethiopia Midwives Association, chapter officers and executive office. Hence, the Research advisory c fully operates in line committee with the Ethiopia midwives strategic direction, mission and vision.                                 

The Research advisory committee will be chaired by Ethiopia midwives association president, where key staffs of the executive office like project coordinators and managers involved as members per need/optional. The members of the research advisory committee will also play the role of secretary in a rotation manner.