GCE Call for Health Innovation Proposals_Seed Grant Funding

  • Applicants should Only use the application form.
  • Applicants should answer each question with consideration to the word/page limit.  These are the sections that will be scored by an independent team of reviewers. 
  • Letter of supports from the organization of project lead’s and Co lead (if affiliated with different organization) is required.
  • Attachments such as CVs of project lead’s and Co Lead’s (Max of 3 pages each) must be included as appendices to the Application (not as a separate file).
  • Applications will not be considered if documents are not submitted as per the application requirement.
  • The project period must be between July 8, 2018 and July 7, 2019
  • Application should be in Word file saved with Project Lead’s name and the institution applied on behalf as a file name (using the application’s font, century gothic  at 11 Points and 2.5 paragraph and 1.5 line  space)                                                            
  • Email your application to grandchallengesethiopia@gmail.com.  Please use subject line “Innovation Seed Grant Application_ First name of the project lead”
  • You will receive a confirmation email within three working days. Please contact us via email or call +251118356823 with any questions or for assistance.
  • Date of Submission should be as per the call and will be considered as the email delivery date.


N.B: Applications will be examined and assessed according to the criteria outlined in the call

Basic Applicant Information



Name of organization

you are applying on behalf of: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­(Gov’t Institution)




Name of Project Lead            


  • Email                                        


  • Phone


  • Physical address                     


Co-Lead Name (If Applicable ) 


  • Email                                        


  • Phone


  • Physical address                    


Innovation Title



Focus of Proposal


Tick one or more of the following

Maternal Health          Microbial resistance

Child Health                 Other health issue


Innovation Title: _________________________________________________


I.Executive Summary of your innovation Concept ((in <500 words, half a page)


  1. What is the essence of your innovative idea? in < 1000 words, or a page =30 pts (soundness of the idea, has the following components)


  1. What is your innovation?
  2. How does it respond to the highest priorities? Relevance to GCE priorities
  3. How is your innovative? Integrated innovation
  4. How is it better, current and evidence based?
  5. How does it strengthen health and community systems?


  1. Describe how feasible is your Innovation in < 1000 words, or a page = 30 pts (Feasibility of the idea, has the following components)
    1. How achievable / doable is your innovative idea with existing resources? (Summary of Method, Execution plan and timeline of your major activities)
    2. Specify your target population?
    3. How is it consistent with the social, legal and economic dynamics? (Integration with another ongoing initiatives)
    4. How is it scalable to the wider community? (Scalability and Sustainability)
  2. Describe the value and the impact of your innovation? = 25 pts (Has the following components)
    1. Business sustainability:  How does it deliver a response to the Grand challenges in cost efficient manner?
    2. How is it scalable using domestic resources in the future?
    3. What is your idea’s potential population level impact?


        V.    Project lead, team and Organizational capacity = 15 pts (has the following components)

  1. Summarize the project lead and the team profile
  2. Describe how the team’s capacity relates with implementation of the testing of your innovation (the role of team members)
  3. Indicate organizational capacity to execute the project



ANNEX 1:  Provide a Work Plan for your project with time line fitted in the project period (1 page)

ANNEX 2: Provide your project’s budget breakdown (1page)

ANNEX 3: CV(s) of project team (Maximum of 3 pages each)

ANNEX4: Support Letter(s)