Announcing EMwA's New President

Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) is the only professional association representing midwives in Ethiopia. The association works to improve maternal and child health outcomes by advocating for the advancement of midwifery services. EMwA promotes midwifery as a career choice, works with government to improve the status of the profession, and provides ongoing training and resources. EMwA is committed to expanding the quality of Ethiopia’s midwifery services by updating the knowledge and skills of its members.

The Association is pleased to announce the replacement of Sr. Yezabnesh Kibe by Mr. Yalewlayker Yilma as President of the Association effective October 07, 2017.

Yalewlayker Yilma (BSc, MPH) a dedicated Midwife and a public health professional with more than nine years’ experience in governmental and non-governmental organizations. Mr.Yalewlayker is an adaptable and transformational leader with an ability to work independently, creating effective presentations, and developing opportunities that further establish organizational goals. He has proven experience in developments of different documents like Standard of midwifery care practice, Pre-service education guideline, Scope practice, CPD implementation guideline, Health center management Protocols, Licensure examination guideline for midwives, Respectful maternity care, Midwife mentoring tools, Quality audit tools for maternal health, IEC/BCC for RMNCH, Magnesium Sulfate Protocols, and reviewing BEmONC implementation guideline…..etc.

Thus EMwA warmly welcomes our new President. His extensive experience, demonstrated commitment to the midwifery profession , a track record of successful leadership, and the ability to build strategic partnerships makes him a perfect fit to lead the Association as our President.

Mr. Yalewlayker’s appointment was approved by the Association General Assembly on October 06, 2017.