Ethiopian Midwives Association 26th General Assembly

The Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) is a professional association committed to reducing maternal and child morbidity and mortality in Ethiopia through supporting midwives and MNH health care providers to improve the quality of service provision. EMwA invites the submission of abstracts for verbal presentation at 26th Ethiopian Midwives Association General Assembly on October 6, 2017 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Midwives Association welcomes submissions of abstract in the following thematic area:

  1. Maternal and Neonatal Health
  2. Youth and Adolescent Reproductive Health
  3. Cost Intervention Policies on Maternal, Neonatal Health Improvements  
  4. Enhancing the Midwifery Professional Capability and Efficiency


Abstracts should be written in English and be no more than 300 words in length. If available, the association will also accept submission of full papers to assist with selection.

Please submit your abstract, together with your contact details, by Saturday 16 September 2017 and note we will only contact you if your abstract has been selected. 

Submissions should be forwarded by email to: and

By hand: Ethiopian Midwives Association Head Office, Haya Hulet, Addis Ababa (call either number below for precise directions). By mail: Ethiopian Midwives Association, PO Box 1410, Addis Ababa. Please visit for more information or contact Dawit Hailu/Birhna Tenaw 0911791130, 0911068978 /011 618 9275 for any queries related to this Call for Abstracts.