A Journey of 66 years

Midwifery education has a history of more than sixty-five years in Ethiopia from when the first midwifery training school was established. Conversely, the Midwives Association has the age of a youth; only 25 years. Our level of success far outweighs our age since establishment. The struggle of reducing maternal, newborn, neonatal, infant and child mortality and morbidity has continued since 1950 when the first four midwives graduated and continues until now, with more than 9000 graduated midwives and more than 5000 active members of the Ethiopian Midwives Association; we have many more in the process of training in 47 universities and colleges in diploma, 1stdegree and Masters level degrees, and we are looking forward to implementing the plan for a PhD in midwifery. 

Midwives as frontline health care professionals and skilled birth attendants have played a major part in the achievement of MDGs in the reduction of maternal, newborn, infant and child mortality and morbidity. Midwives are expected to provide their endless compassionate, respectful service and care to achieve the sustainable development goal “Until every woman becomes a Midwife to save her life and the life of her newborn”

Sr Yazebnesh Kibie
President, Ethiopian Midwives Association