Post-BEmONC On-site Supportive Supervision conducted at Oromia


The Ethiopian Midwives Association conducted post BEmONC training on-site supportive supervision in Oromia Region 4 Zones and 19 woredas in collaboration with the Oromia health bureau, zonal health office & woreda health office from the 8th of May to 24th of May 2016 at 21 different health centers. The on-site supportive supervision has aimed to identify gaps, to provide clinical mentoring support and to identify challenges in the provision of BEmONC services.

Observation, interview and record review process was made to assess knowledge and skill gaps and challenges in provision of BEmONC services.

Based on the findings of the observation, interview and record review process, strength and gaps were identified and appropriate technical support was given through revision, discussion and demonstration with models to fill the identified knowledge and skill gaps.

Finally the findings were properly documented and action plan is developed and shared with relevant bodies, including facility head, Zonal and woreda health office to fill the identified gaps. The whole process was transparent and participatory as possible to create a sense of ownership and commitment.