University of Gondar would begin lecturing midwifery in PhD soon

The 25th International Day of Midwife was observed on May 5, 2017 themed: "Midwives, Mothers and Families: Partners to Life!" The first presentation was by Dr Sisay Yifru, University of Gondar health science and medical college dean. He started his presentation by highlighting that Gondar University is the pioneer medical and health Science College in Ethiopia in opening and providing midwifery education program.  The university starts its program by three medical disciplines  were midwifery is one. Currently 18 undergraduates, 15 post graduate and PHD program are provided in the university.

For the First time in 1959 G.C midwifery program is provided  for nurses after completing their nursing program, the program was provided for 9 month duration, but in 1966 the program upgraded and started to be provided in certificate level in collaboration with CIDA.  But after long period of time in 1999 the university starts accepting students for direct diploma level for the first time. Then finally in 2004 it started to provide in BSC level. There are a lot of debate raised by students and the professions like what is the fate of carrier of midwives?  Due to this, most of midwives change their discipline to other discipline because there is no future means of professional development.  How can we retain midwives in their professional discipline?  There also professional conflict such are  really midwives have the capacity to manage other emergency obstetric and gynecological services?

In the presence of all debates MSc clinical specialty was opened in the country, midwives are the key profession for HSTP succession. Today onwards midwives can bring a change, not a personnel carrier only but also midwives can answer community question through conducting research and leading community level projects. I have been in Malwi in college; most midwives are professor so they answer the problem of their community. Now in front of you I am glad to announce that Gondar University of medical and health science college pioneer to open Phd program in midwifery discipline, today on wards midwives will have skill in midwifery research and clinical audit Dr. Sisay Yifru said at the event.  I want to say “stay in the profession” In the near future I promise, UOG will call midwives and different partners by preparing a national symposium to discuss on midwifery profession, challenges and promoting the profession holder in engaging research activities. Finally here I call the partners of EMwA to search tutors and midwives professor for our Phd midwifery program.

Dr. Sisay Yifru said that the country is now doing well in producing qualified health professionals through implementing license exam after the day of graduation. As a pioneer university in offering midwifery courses forty years ago, the university has been lecturing professionals that would support to improve maternal health nationwide. Currently, he said that the university is teaching about 1,000 midwifery students under its continuing , undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In addition, it would begin lecturing midwifery in PhD soon.

It is also working in producing empowered midwives through delivering extensive practical and theoretical courses and evaluating the graduates upon the completion of the training. A  skilled midwife is very important to the development countries such as Ethiopia which has large community with absence of accessible maternal health care services.